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Weapons Training for Survival, Combat and Self Defense
Luca Zanna TrainingOwning a weapon is not enough... your first skill to acquire is the right survival mindset, followed by taking care of your health and physical conditions...
Your brain is your first weapon, the body is an extension of your brain, and your weapons are an extension of your body.
In this section I will share with you all the knowledge I have acquired in different skills and self defense disciplines, from empty hands, knive combat, to every weapon system (rifle, handgun, shotgun). Just a note... I am not an instructor, and you are the only responsible for practicing any of the techniques I am sharing with you. I advice you to take some personal training with instructors or joining specialized training institues like Frontisight or Gunsite.
I am just a regular American that believe in good (God), self preservation, Freedom and in the duty to learn how to protect it.
I hope you enjoy these videos, please rate them, share them and please feel free to give me feedback on improvements and different techniques.

Luca Zanna

Basic Handgun Safety

The Warrior Mindset part 1

The Tactical Survival Daily Workout

Dry Practice handgun presentation

Emergency Reload with semi auto gun

Clearing a Malfunction type 3 with a Glock

Jogging with your shotgun

"Shooting on the run" workout

"Heads" on demand

Be healthy, be strong, be free

The survival warrior super Foods

Don't be afraid, use your fear

Physical conditioning for survival and self defense

Knife Princibles of self defense

Dry Practice Handgun Drill

Dry Practice Rifle Drill

Dry Practice Shotgun Drill

Handgun Presentation Dry
(in less than 1 second)

Handgun Presentation Live Fire
(2 rounds from concealed in less than 1.5 secs)

1 square inch 5 yards handgun challenge

1 square inch 25 yards rifle challenge

The 3 secrets of shooting any Handgun

The 6 secrets of shooting any Rifle

The Appleseed Training (how to become a Rifleman)

Preparation to Frontsight 4 days Handgun Class

Preparation to Frontsight 4 days Rifle Class

Preparation to Frontsight 4 days Shotgun Class

Emergency Reload AK 47

Emergency Reload AR 15

Emergency Reload M14

Emergency Reload Pump Shotgun

Emergency Reload Semiauto Pistol

Emergency Reload Revolver

How to clear the Malfunctions (handgun semi auto)

How to clear the Malfunctions (rifle semi auto)

How to clear the Malfunctions (shotgun pump)

Princibles of Empty Hands fighting

Handgun Video Challenge (2 rounds from concealed)

PS This site is FREE for you,
but it's a result of many hours of my hard work and love to share vital knowledge with you and other fellow Americans and Human Beings from around the world that cherish Freedom and Self Preservation.
If you appreciate it and you want to support my work, please go to my music site ZANNA.US and download some of my songs... I appreciate it.

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