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I am not an instructor. I am not your tutor.
I am not responsible for any accident you may encour in learning some of the techniques I am sharing with you.
I am your fellow American and human being that believe in our First Amendment to share information and opinions about different topics.
I encourage you to seek professional training whenever you can.
I don't get paid by any of these companies of products that I review.
I don't endorse or promote any violence or harm to anybody.
My goal is to share my experiences and skills with my fellow humans and Americans.
I believe in peace and in self defense.
I like to keep it honest and simple.
I am not perfect and I appreciate your input.

Luca Zanna

PS This site is FREE for you,
but it's a result of many hours of my hard work and love to share vital knowledge with you and other fellow Americans and Human Beings from around the world that cherish Freedom and Self Preservation.
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Luca Zanna
Italian by Birth, American by Choice, Arizonan by gift of God © 2012

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