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Knowledge is power, but must be followed by action.
They say, the pen is mighter than the sword... I completely believe so...
The power of learning new skills to defend yourself and your liberty,
can be forbidden in many Countries under tyrannical goverments.
I will review in this section the most vital Survival books, military combat manuals, dvds and videos about self defense and fighting techniques...
I do not endorse any of these products that I review, but I will give you a genuine and honest opinon on any of them...
Also download the FREE Military manuals available...
and print them out.

Principles of Personal Defense by Jeff Cooper
Video Review by Gianluca Zanna

Total Resistance by H. Von Dach
Video Review by Gianluca Zanna

Patriots Surviving the Coming Collapse by James Wesley Rawles
Video Review by Gianluca Zanna

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