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Welcome to!
The goal of Guns For Survival is to independently review the
best Guns, Rifles, Shotguns, Knives, Ammo, Gears and
Weapon Trainings
for Survival and Self Defense purposes...
We review for FREE, so we try to be impartial as possible,
giving you, the viewer, honest opinions and feedback.
From the $100.00 Mosin Nagant to the poweful Barrett 50 BMG...
We shoot and test all type of guns, with particular attention and focus on reliability, accuracy, availability of spare parts and also value.
We also share with you different training techniques with different weapons systems, focusing also on your tactical gear.
Finally you can have access to all our Survival video reviews...
just join our Free newsletter so we can keep you updated
with the latest Guns for Survival videos!
Survival from what you may say? Well, if you have found us, you already know the potential scenarios we are facing in these perilous and challenging times as a Nation and Americans...
Survival from Economic Collapse scenarios, Social unrest, Lootings,
Home invasion, Foreign invasion,
or just plain good old fashion Tyranny.
When I became a naturalized American I took and oath to uphold the
US Constitution and the Bill of Rights!
So regardless of all the attempts at suppression of our God given Rights
by the New World Order, I am not afraid to exercise my individual
Second Amendment and Freedom of Speech Rights.
And here I am.

Luca Zanna
Italian by Birth, American by Choice, Arizonan by gift of God

PS This site is FREE for you,
but it's a result of many hours of my hard work and love to share vital knowledge with you and other fellow Americans and Human Beings from around the world that cherish Freedom and Self Preservation.
If you appreciate it and you want to support my work, please go to my music site ZANNA.US and download some of my songs... I appreciate it.

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Luca Zanna © 2011 - 2012

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